What's New

*Won the InnerGeekDom championship on the Collider.com Movie Trivia Schmoedown.

*Guest appears on DC COMICS "Vs." All Access show.

*Joins the cast of "General Hospital" in the role of "ADAM"!

* Direct offer for role on popular episodic (details coming soon).

*Booked a co-star role opposite Hugh Laurie on Hulu's "Chance".

*Joined the cast of "Jane the Virgin" in the recurring role of "TRIPP"!

*Booked a Co-star role on a popular network episodic, details released when allowed.

*Asked to be a participant in a table read series focusing on Nicholl Fellowship script winners and Black-list pilot scripts. Produced by the After-buzz and Popcorn Talk Networks.

*Action film "Athena" has been officially selected to screen at the URBAN ACTION SHOWCASE INTERNATIONAL ACTION FILM FESTIVAL.